Project 3

Taisei Manheim
5 min readMar 26, 2021


Step 1: Developing Storyboards

First we each came up with 2 storyboards. The two solutions from Project 1 that I sketched were the online forum for people that volunteer or want to volunteer and the game show competition to get young people more involved. I framed each of them in terms of the context, problem, solution, and resolution.

TED Talk Reaction

Simon Sinek’s approach could be very useful for the way that we think about our project. Our group is the Community Food Bank group and we have identified a lack of awareness and knowledge about food insecurity as the issue that we will address. Our solution is a social media page that will inform people about food insecurity and how it affects many more people than people often think. Rather than telling people what the social media page does or how it will operate, we could focus on why it was made in the first place. By focusing on the issue of food insecurity and why we are passionate about it, rather than the logistics of the page, it will pull in both people that are passionate about food insecurity and those that don’t know about food insecurity but want to know more. Perhaps we could discuss how food insecurity affects the communities that we are a part of (i.e. Pittsburgh).

Step 2: Present, Discuss, and Summarize

Next we chose the solution that we felt fit our issue the best. Based on feedback from Project 1, we felt that lack of awareness about food insecurity was the biggest issue we needed to address. To address this issue, we thought of an Instagram page that would be dedicated to spreading information on food insecurity. We sketched out a few possible poster ideas in chalk.

Step 3: Present Your Design Recommendations

Next we split up the different parts of the presentation. I was in charge of creating and illustrating the storyboard. This was a first pass at a storyboard that was sketched (I couldn’t get the frames in the right order on Medium).

Then I tried a first pass at a digital storyboard at a lower resolution (I couldn’t get the frames in the right order on Medium).

I got feedback to make it higher resolution to fit the rest of the presentation so I changed it (I couldn’t get the frames in the right order on Medium). I also changed the Instagram feed to make it less busy and include images of people

I then got some feedback from my teammates so I added color to the pants, changed the Instagram layout again, and put the images on phones (order is not right here on Medium).