Project 2

Taisei Manheim
11 min readMar 3, 2021


3/2/20: Exercises 1–4

Our first exercise was Linespacing. We were only allowed to use the return key to create hierarchy and there could be no more than one linespace between any two lines. The first image depicted below was one of my stronger options that I produced. It had each movie in a different cluster and all the information for each movie was clustered with the name of the movie.

Our second exercise was to select any two stroke weights in order to create visual hierarchy. The first image shows an option that I made that seems to be working pretty effectively. Your eye goes to the movie titles, Film Pittsburgh, and the website URL first, which I feel are the most important parts for the stakeholders. This option uses 65 and 45 stroke weights and I tried doing 55 and 45 together for a different option but I felt that it was hard to read.

Our third exercise was a horizontal shift with two flush-left margins so we were only allowed to indent once. The first image was one of the stronger options as it brought attention to the titles of the movies, Film Pittsburgh, and the website URL.

Our fourth exercise was a horizontal shift with three flush-left margins so we were allowed to indent once or twice. The second image was one of the stronger options as it brought the most attention to Film Pittsburgh and the website URL. After that, the greatest emphasis is on the movie titles.

3/4/20: Exercises 5–7 + Suess

For Exercise 5 we were supposed to use linespacing and two different stroke weights. The second image below shows one of my stronger options. It clusters the different movies clearly and brings attention to the names of the movies, Film Pittsburgh, Holocaust Films, and the website URL.

For Exercise 6 we used two stroke weights and horizontal shifts with no linespacing. I felt that the first image was strong as it highlighted the titles, Film Pittsburgh, Holocaust Films, and the website URL and used horizontal shifts to make the movie information easy to read.

For Exercise 7 we used two stroke weights and scale shifts. The first image was one of my strong options as it emphasized Film Pittsburgh with its size and the movie titles with the stroke weight. However, after hearing Vicki talk about scaling in class today I want to try some bolder options involving scale as these are a not pushing the boundaries much.

For the Dr. Suess exercise I made two posters using the grid. They both used scale to place emphasis on the first and second choices and decreased in scale for the rest of the books.

I also made one option that broke the grid. At first I was trying to make tiny changes to break the grid but then decided to completely break the grid and use a semi-radial pattern to frame the text. I had a lot of fun with this one in particular!

In class we made a collage using color theory and although I was assigned complementary colors, I did analogous colors since that was better suited for the paper that I had. For some reason this image scaled weird when I put it into medium but the collage is shown below.

3/9/20: Exercises 8–9

After class last week I tried some bolder options with scale, since the options I tried were fairly timid. I also started to experiment with carrying the text off of the page with a few of these options. The second option is one of the first times that I really started to highlight “Holocaust Films” drastically over everything else in the poster.

For Exercise 7 we started using color in our posters. I felt that the third image was strong as it highlighted the titles, Film Pittsburgh, Holocaust Films, and the website URL through the use of positive and negative space. However, during class I realized that these posters come off as much too cheery and bright for a Holocaust Films poster.

We also started searching for images for the poster. I first started looking at images from the different movies. These are images from “The Crossing.”

These are the images from “Fanny’s Journey.”

These are the images from “Inside Hana’s Suitcase.”

I also looked at different Pittsburgh Film logos.

I also looked at some Film Festival Posters.

3/11/20: Exercises 9

After the feedback on Exercise 8 I tried redoing the color exercise to tone the colors down. I was not crazy about how these turned out as I wanted to keep similar colors from before but tone them down.

For Exercise 9 we started using images in our posters. These are different variations of one image that I used. I found this image to be compelling as the girl’s hat matched the pink/purple color of Film Pittsburgh.

These are two other options that I tried. The first one was decent but I found the second one to be quite interesting.

These are some options that I tried with the Three Rivers of Pittsburgh. The second one was interesting in the way that it was able to incorporate the Three Rivers with the movie images.

These are two variations that I tried of a movie clapper but they weren’t as interesting as some of the earlier posters.

These are some variations I tried of the silhouette of two girls from one of the images from the movie “Fanny’s Journey.” I did not like how these turned out.

3/14/20: Further Explorations

After getting feedback from Vicki, I refined this design for the poster to make sure that part of the door was visible. I also experimented with the text going behind her head to add depth to the image. I think the third image is working the best with the amount of the door that is seen and the text behind her shoulder.

These are the corresponding mobile options. They still feel like a scaling down of the poster.

I also edited the Circles poster to make it less busy and made the circles larger. I also started experimenting with bring the gradient into the background of these posters.

These are the mobile versions of the Circle posters. They still feel like a scaling down of the 11x17 posters.

I also refined these two posters. I made the first image Black and White from the previous version to try to make it less busy and more cohesive. The second image utilized the text behind her head to add depth.

These are the mobile options. They still feel like the 11x17 versions.

3/16/20: Further Explorations

After talking to Sophia I realized that the third image from the Pink Hat series was working the best so I worked on refining this poster. Sophia thought that the pink text might be too bright for a Holocaust Film poster and suggested making it the color of her jacket so I tried that for these images.

For the circles poster Sophia felt that the Holocaust Films text was too similar in size to the movie titles so I shrank it to emphasize the movie titles. I also experimented further with the Girl Portrait image and tried bringing in the blue from the jacket into the third image.

This is a poster I tried with a different image to try to tie it with one of the mobile options that I tried. I think it is nice and clean but not as interesting as the circles option.

The first image tried to connect the mobile version to the poster solution shown above. The second image below is the mobile version I showed Sophia and she suggested differentiating the first two circles so I tried that with the last two options below.

3/18/20: Final Posters

This is the top 11x17 poster version. I overlapped the circles to create more breathing room on the page and used the circles to split up the page diagonally.

This is the final mobile version.



Taisei Manheim